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Climb Patagonia’s Totem

Climb surrounded by monumental canyons, caves and an infinite color palette of yellow, green, grey, red, and pink minerals. Reach the top of a volcano chimney that solidified 50 million years ago.

Piedra Parada is the top totem of the steppe: a rock with a 100-metre base 240 metres high that juts out vertically next to the Chubut River. On the other side of the river, La Buitrera Canyon will amaze you with its walls and more than 30 climbing areas. It is a Protected Nature Area and a paradise for climbers from Argentina and all around the world.

You can go climbing on your own or accompanied by expert guides. Important: Before travelling, always check which climbing activities are allowed.

Where: in Piedra Parada, 45 km away from the town of Gualjaina (Chubut)

When: September through April

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