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Salinas Grandes


One of the wonders visitors should see at least once in a lifetime. The white ground contrasts the blue sky, creating a magical environment. During the rain season, salt flats (3,450 m.a.s.l.) are covered with water, giving off a turquoise colour that forms a unique scene. 

Open to visitors all year round. The best time is during the dry season, from April to November.

What to see
First steps

Departing from the parking lot, visitors can walk through this white scenery of infinite reflections and horizons, learn about the artisan salt extraction process performed by workers and be carried away by the emotions and the landscape framed in the distance by the Nevado de Chañi and the Nevado de Acay mountains. The site also offers handicrafts.

Unique experience

Within the salt flat, there are roads that can only be taken with local community guides. Tours can be booked in advance to enjoy great experiences, such as riding a bicycle, visiting the communities around the area and the artisanal salt extraction sites, trekking and having a picnic in the middle of the salt flat to taste regional products.

How to get there and move around

The best option is to get there by car or on a tour. The Salinas Grandes are located on National Route 52, 65 km from Purmamarca and 130 km away from San Salvador de Jujuy. The road is paved, and visitors have to go through the Cuesta de Lipán slope while they indulge themselves with beautiful landscapes and a maximum altitude of 4,170 metres.

It is advisable to fill the tank in San Salvador de Jujuy or in Tilcara, as the first petrol station is located in Susques, 135 km from Purmamarca.

Before travelling, consult the state of the routes at the nearest tourism office. How to avoid "altitude sickness"? Read these recommendations to take care of your health.

Where to stay

Purmamarca is the closest town to the salt flats, offering several accommodation options. San Salvador de Jujuy and the main town in Quebrada de Humahuaca also offer accommodation. The salt flats provide a glamping site, where the local community is present.

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