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Puerto Madryn and surrounding areas


Puerto Madryn is a great starting point to visit the coasts of Chubut, watch whales and penguins, snorkel with sea lions, enjoy the beach in summer and the local cuisine, and experience the Welsh traditions while visiting Gaiman (80 km away).

To enjoy the sun and the beach, go from December through March. To observe the fauna, check the calendar. Recommended for family trips.

What to see
Valdés Peninsula

All the sea animals in one place. With its gulfs, small coves, cliffs and beaches, the Valdés Peninsula is a great wildlife reservoir that you can visit following 2 internal paths leading to the main colonies of sea animals and viewpoints.

From June through November, there are boat navigation tours departing from Puerto Pirámides (93 km away from Puerto Madryn) to go whale watching.

Depending on the season, you may be able to see Magellanic penguins (as from September), killer whales, elephant seals and sea lions. The Valdés Peninsula is a must-see place in Patagonia.

El Doradillo

About 13 km away from Madryn, in the El Doradillo Protected Nature Area, you can watch whales from the coast. With high tide, you only need to sit down on the sand to see whales swimming just a few metres away from the beach. They can be seen from June through mid October.

Punta Tombo

One of the best places to watch penguins. Located 67 km away from Trelew, and 185 km away from Madryn, Punta Tombo Nature Protected Area protects one of the most important continental colonies of Magellanic penguins. The season goes from September through March.

From the trail and the viewpoint, you can see penguins from up close, as well as their nests, offspring and behaviour during their breeding season.

It is important to keep your distance, do not try to touch them or feed them, and avoid getting in their way.

From Puerto Madryn, you can reach Punta Tombo driving south along National Route 3, and after 61 km, take the gravel Provincial Route 75 and 1.

Snorkelling with sea lions

Considered the National Capital of Diving, Puerto Madryn has several diving areas with different degrees of complexity. Snorkelling with sea lions is an experience that you cannot miss, no prior knowledge is needed and the sea lions are very friendly and playful.

Ecology Centre

An exhibition centre where science and art meet for you to discover the secrets of the sea. It has beautiful views of the coast.

Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio

Located 70 km south of Puerto Madryn, the Paleontological Museum Egidio Feruglio of Trelew (MEF) is the perfect stopover for dinosaurs and palaeontology enthusiasts. Its exhibitions show how life was in Patagonia millions of years ago.

Commerson's dolphins in Rawson

Throughout the year, except for May and June, there are boat navigation tours running from Rawson (80 km away from Madryn) to see Commerson's dolphins: The Patagonian dolphins that jump over the waves as if they were surfing. It is quite a sight to see.

How to get there and move around

By car, bus or plane to Puerto Madryn or Trelew (70 km away from Puerto Madryn). If you are flying into Trelew, there are transfer services to the city of Puerto Madryn.

If you do not have a car, you can rent one, or move around in transfer services, taxis or fixed-fare taxis, or hire a tour.

Where to stay

Puerto Madryn provides a great variety of accommodation and cuisine options, as well as supermarkets and shops.

Puerto Pirámides, in the Valdés Peninsula, also provides other accommodation options (hotels, cottages, inns, vacation rentals and camping sites) and restaurants. In the peninsula, you will also find farms certified for tourism that include accommodation and cuisine.

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