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Route of the Cliffs

Río Negro

This scenic route joins Viedma with Bahía Creek in Río Negro. It is the perfect place to spend countless hours looking at the Atlantic Ocean, discover its viewpoints, explore its incredible sea fauna or stop by a beach or coastal town to enjoy your day in front of the sea.

You can visit all year round. To enjoy the sun and the beach, go from November through March. To observe birds, check the calendar.

What to see
El Cóndor Beach

El Cóndor Beach is located a little over 30 km from Viedma, and it offers landscapes with cliffs and wide beaches that are perfect for wind sports and birdwatching.

Apart from sea birds and migratory birds, you will also find the biggest colony of burrowing parrots in the world, whose breeding season extends from November through March.

La Lobería

A unique beach with cliffs, sandy and pebble areas and natural pools in the rocks that will appear with low tide.

3 km away, in the Punta Berjema Provincial Fauna Reserve, you will find one of the largest South American sea lion colonies in South America.

Rosas Bay

Wide and quiet beaches among sand dunes and cliffs. Located 47 km away from El Cóndor, the deep waters of Rosas Bay are famous among seasoned fishers.

Bahía Creek

A little further down is Bahía Creek (almost 100 km away from El Cóndor), a place that can be defined with just one word: quietness. It is known for its clear waters, gentle sand dunes and wide beaches. Between July and September, there are whales and Commerson's dolphins.


How to get there and move around

You can reach Bahía Creek by car, bus or by plane from Viedma.

From Viedma to Bahía Creek, the Route of the Cliffs stretches for 130 km along Provincial Route 1, bordering the coast of Río Negro. From Viedma to La Lobería, the road is paved. You can visit this route in one or several days, with intermediate stops. Check the road condition before you begin your journey.

During the summer, El Cóndor has a mobile fuel tank, but it is best to fill your fuel tank in Viedma.

In summer, there is a regular bus service running from Viedma to El Cóndor, and some lines continue to La Lobería.

Where to stay

Viedma and El Cóndor have the greatest accommodation offer, including hotels, camping sites, hostels, vacation rentals, as well as several restaurants and markets.

There is an inn in Bahía Creek, some vacation rentals and camping sites.

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