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Mburucuyá National Park


The Mburucuyá National Park is a treasure in which the estuaries, the Chaco forest, the Paraná jungle, the spinal forest and a beautiful yatay palm grove are mixed. It is ideal for camping, bird watching and wildlife in general. It is located just 20 km from the town of Mburucuyá and very close to the Iberá National Park and the Iberá Provincial Park, which together make up the Great Iberá Park.

It can be visited all year round. The hottest months are from December to March. Free admission.

What to see

This park has ideal trails for watching birds and fauna in general, such as roe deer, capybaras and marsh deer.

You can also visit the house museum of the Pedersen family, former owners of the estate, who donated land to the National Parks Administration. 

Together with the San Nicolás and Carambola portals, they form an interesting circuit of natural and cultural landscapes.


Only 20 km away is the town of Mburucuyá where you can take a horse-drawn cart ride, visit the Chamamé Museum (the Chamamé festival is celebrated in February), the Cañada Fragosa viewpoint and the Eustaquio Miño amphitheatre.

How to get there and move around

You can get there from Corrientes capital city to the south along National Route 12 to the town of Saladas, and then follow Provincial Route 13 to the town of Mburucuyá (a total of 154 km, all paved).

From Mburucuyá, after driving along a 20 km dirt road, you will reach the visitor centre.

Where to stay

The park has a camping area. There is not any grocery store, so it is advisable that you take water and food with you. 

The town of Mburucuyá offers lodging, a free camping area, restaurants and a fuel station. In Saladas, 50 km away, you will also find accommodation and restaurant options.

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