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Perito Moreno National Park

Santa Cruz

Featuring one of the most unspoilt national parks in Argentina, it contains 8 lakes of different colours such as turquoise, emerald and grey, connected by mighty rivers. This is the perfect place for camping and trekking through little explored paths.

The park is open from November to April. During summer, the average temperature is around 15° C, with strong winds and possible snowfalls. Free entrance and registration is required.

What to see
Network of trails

In the park, there are roads and a 50-km network of trails, which go from 2-hour trekkings to long tours including stay in shelters, to explore lakes, lagoons and mounts. Park rangers in the area are ready to provide you with all the information about each trail, its viewpoints and the perfect spots to birdwatch and contemplate cave paintings.


It is interesting to explore the 3 sectors or landscapes in the park: the steppe, the transition area and the lengas forest on the coast of Nansen and Azara lakes. 


It is possible to spot many guanacos, lesser rheas, Wolffson’s mountain viscachas, also known in the area as piquines, and, with luck, Patagonian huemuls.

Trails and shelters

There are 3 trails—Azara, Peninsula Belgrano and Valle del Rio Lacteo, and Laguna de los Tempanos—to explore different areas in the park which offer shelters, adventure domes and camping sites.


In total, the park provides 10 shelters (bivouac style), 8 of which offer an area for tents. For trekking through the trails, you must bring a tent and heater.

How to get there and move around

The park is located 207 km northwest from Gobernador Gregores and 310 km southeast from Perito Moreno town, on National Route 40 and Provincial Route 37 (gravel road) in each case. 


It is connected with Lago Posadas town via a road only available for 4x4 vehicles and experienced drivers.

Where to stay

Along the different trails in the park, you will find shelters and wild areas for camping, some of which have space for motorhomes. 


On the shore of Belgrano Lake, there is a ranch (estancia) that offers accommodation in a hostel. There is also a hotel on National Route 40 between Gobernador Gregores, the closest city at 207 km from the park, and Bajo Caracoles.

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