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Laguna Brava Provincial Reserve

La Rioja

Located 3000 metres above the sea level, along a road that unfolds in a spectacular and colourful landscape, this reserve is surrounded by some of the highest peaks in Argentina, and it protects several high-elevation lakes providing an opportunity to discover the magic of the High Andes.

The best time to go is between October and March. Guides are required.

What to see
Brava Lake

Brava Lake (4230 MSL) and Mulas Muertas Lake (4000 MSL) are the most popular lakes in the reserve.


Apart from an incredible landscape, you will also see some attractions like the Inca stronghold in El Toro Mountain (36 km away from Villa Castelli), the Yeso Gorge (between Villa Castelli and Vinchina), the La Troya Gorge (between Vinchina and Bajo Jagüé), and the El Peñón Refuge.


The lakes serve as home to endemic and/or threatened water bird species. Hundreds of Andean flamingoes also inhabit these lakes, and it is common to see vicunas and guanacos along the road.

Corona del Inca

Located 75 km away from the Brava Lake, you can only access the giant crater of Corona del Inca (5430 MSL) with an excursion provided by authorised tour agencies and with 4WD vehicles.


It is surrounded by the Pissis Mountain (6795 MSL), the Bonete Chico (6759 MSL) and Bonete Grande (5943 MSL) Mountains, and the Nevado Veladero Mountain (6436 MSL), all of them are dormant volcanoes.

How to get there and move around

The doorways to this circuit are the towns of Villa Unión and Vinchina, 275 km and 350 km away from La Rioja Capital City, respectively.


You can reach the reserve by following along National Route 76, and you can only access it with a certified guide. Along the road, you will find some paved stretches and some gravel stretches.

Where to stay

Villa Unión is the town that provides the greatest variety of accommodation. There are hotels, cottages, lodges, inns, boutique hotels and camping sites. There are restaurants and petrol stations.


Vinchina provides more limited accommodation options, like hotels, hostels, cottages and camping sites. There are petrol stations.

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