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Ciervo de los Pantanos National Park

Buenos Aires

About 70 km from Buenos Aires, this National Park is a great place to visit on a day trip, have a picnic, walk along its trails and observe the biodiversity of the Delta. It is a good place for birding, and you can even find the largest deer in South America: the mash deer.

You can visit this park all year round. On rainy days, check which areas are open. Free admission.

What to see
Trails and plant nurseries

The trails in the park are in the process of development, but there are two trails ready for visitors. They go through the coastal jungle, the cliffs' forests and the Pampa grasslands. Take binoculars with you, you may spot some mash deer in the area.

During weekdays, you can also visit the plant nursery with native species. It is recommended to stop over the Visitor Information Centre to make the most of your experience.


Next to the Information Centre, there is a picnic area with tables. It is an ideal space to spend the day with your family and relax after hiking.

Islas Malvinas Road and river crossing by barge

Following the public road past the park's entrance, you will reach the Paraná de las Palmas quay. It is best to drive slowly as you may be able to spot some birds on the way. Once you reach the river, you can just enjoy the view there or cross the river on barges (you can also cross with your car) to spend the day in recreation centres and camping sites.

How to get there and move around

From Buenos Aires, you must drive 70 km north along National Route 9 (Panamericana) to Rómulo Otamendi. Following 2 km down the main street, you will arrive at the park's entrance.


You can also get there by bus or train (Mitre Line from Villa Ballester to Otamendi Station). There are regular bus services departing from Campana.

Where to stay

Camping is not allowed inside the park, but Campana and Zárate offer plenty of accommodation options, as well as camping sites and cuisine. If you cross the river by barge, you will find recreation centres and camping sites.

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