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El Palmar National Park

Entre Ríos

This immense forest of yatay palm trees creates a unique landscape with unforgettable sunsets, inviting you to enjoy nature to the fullest.

It is ideal for camping, although you can also visit for the day and start in the nearby towns and cities that make up the Tierra de Palmares (Palm Grove Land).

Open to visitors all year round. Charged entry.

What to see

A driving access road from National Route 14 leads to the beaches of the Uruguay River and to the visitor centre.

From there (and from various points along the way) panoramic vehicular and interpretive pedestrian paths depart to discover each corner. You can also hire “experiences” to enjoy the destination more thoroughly, such as guided bike tours or canoeing through the streams.

Observatories and viewpoints

The Park is a very good destination to see birds and wildlife in general. You can frequently come across capybaras, foxes, rheas and, at nightfall, viscachas. It has 2 bird observatories and several viewpoints over the river.

Beach on the Uruguay River

Within the National Park, there is a beach on the Uruguay River.
There are lifeguards during the high summer season (outside of that period, entering the water is not allowed).

350 years of history

From the visitor centre, a pedestrian path leads to the historic site "La Calera del Palmar", a Jesuit settlement with more than 350 years of history that is worth visiting.

How to get there and move around

Access to the park is located at km 198 of National Route 14, 65 km from Colón and 5 km from Ubajay.

You can access through a main gravel road that crosses the park from end to end, as far as a sand beach on the Uruguay River.

Where to stay

Near the visitor centre, you can find a camping site with a grocery store, restaurant and cafeteria, a stall that sells regional products and a plant nursery that sells native species.


In the neighbouring towns that make up the “Tierra de Palmares” micro-region (Colón, Ubajay or Villa Elisa) there is a variety of lodgings and gastronomy optios.

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