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Gualeguay River

Entre Ríos

The Gualeguay River goes through the heart of Entre Ríos from north to south. Surrounded by forests and native grasslands, it goes across cities and towns with beaches and resorts to enjoy the sun, see the birds, take nautical trips and horseback rides.

Open to visitors all year round. To enjoy the sun and the beach, you can go from November to March.

What to see

The Parque Balneario Municipal (Municipal Beach Park), in one of the tributaries of the Gualeguay River and 2 km from the Villaguay city centre, is ideal for taking advantage of the river and practising nautical activities. There is a camping site with services opposite the beach. 


The Balsas, Ramblones and San Justo beach clubs offer moments of relaxation on the shores of the Gualeguay River, in a wild setting, with no services and with gravel entrance roads.   

Some 5 km away lies La Chinita Municipal Reserve. Several trails lead through different corners of the place with the promise of spotting coypu, alligators, capybaras, turtles and birds such as herons, southern lapwings, southern screamers, wattled jacanas, woodpeckers and many more.

Rosario del Tala

The beaches of fine white sand are the hallmark of the Delio Panizza beach club, a good place to rest beside the Gualeguay River.

There are 3 popular beaches: Playa Grande, Pozo de los Cuatro and, to the south, the Rincón Hondo Protected Area, with trails that go into the gallery forests offering views of the river.

Arenas Blancas

Some 25 km from Urdinarrain, the Arenas Blancas beach club and camping site offers a beautiful natural environment with ravines and sand coasts. It has an extensive wild landscape and all the services necessary to rest on the beach. You can camp and wake up to the sound of the birds.


In addition to being famous for its carnivals, Gualeguay city offers a wide range of options in nature such as hiking, bird watching, sport fishing and nautical activities.

Among its beach clubs, "Paso de Alonso" (with a camping site) stands out for the historic railway bridge over the river built in 1884.

Jewish colonies circuit

A cultural landmark unveiling a trip to the past. Amid museums, buildings and legends, places like Basavilbaso, Villaguay, Ingeniero Sajaroff and Villa Domínguez reveal the history of Jewish immigration in the region.

How to get there and move around

National Routes 12 and 14, and Provincial Routes 20 and 6 (all paved) are the gateway to the cities mentioned.

Some of the attractions are a short distance away on dirt or gravel roads.

Where to stay

Rural tourism (country residences, inns and colonial estate houses) is a good alternative if you are looking for tranquillity, good service and gastronomy.

Both in Gualeguay and Villaguay there are lodging options of different categories, as well as restaurants. In Rosario del Tala and Urdinarrain, the offer is more limited and basic. There are camping sites in Gualeguay, Urdinarrain, Basavilbaso, Rosario del Tala and Villaguay.

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