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Bañado La Estrella


It is one of the largest wetlands in South America and a natural paradise that is increasingly gaining a reputation. Located north-west of Formosa, it was chosen as one of the Natural Wonders of Argentina. 


It covers about 400,000 hectares of lagoons, wetlands, palm groves and "champales" (flooded forests covered by vines) that are appealing with their proposals of ecotourism, photographic safaris, bird-watching and wildlife observation.

Open to visitors all year round. Temperatures are quite high from December to March. From March/April to August/September, it coincides with the periods of flooding and rain and you can appreciate the great variety of fauna.

What to see

The abundance of caiman yacares, capybaras, yellow anacondas, brocket deer and more than 300 species of birds is surprising; among them are the jabiru (the largest stork in the Americas) and other aquatic birds that, at certain times of the year, gather by the thousands to feed from fish.


The best thing is to book a tour in the town of Las Lomitas and take the two entrance paths to discover the wetland, by canoe or boat, horse riding and hiking.

El Vertedero and Fortín La Soledad

Located 45 km from Las Lomitas on Provincial Route 28 (paved, easily accessible), the Vertedero is a waterway structure built to manage water by means of a gate system. Anglers usually stand over the bridge on the banks of the Bañado. From the route, you can appreciate different species of birds, capybaras and caiman yacares.


Another interesting point is the Fortín La Soledad, a place that has its origin in the overflows and flooding caused by the Pilcomayo River. Around 80 families live there today. It is located 65 km from Las Lomitas and can be accessed through Provincial Route 32 (dirt road). 

Indigenous communities

Both in Fortín La Soledad and near Provincial Route 28, you can take trails in the company of the "Campo del Cielo" Pilagá community.


This region is not only an approach to an overwhelming nature, but also to the traditions of different native communities (Pilagá, Wichí and Toba) that live in an environment shaped by the Pilcomayo River.

How to get there and move around

Las Lomitas is located 300 km from Formosa capital city along the paved National Route 81. In Las Lomitas you can contact local operators to book trips in boats, canoes or take guided walks, or you can travel on your own to the 2 accesses to the wetland: The Vertedero (along Provincial Route 28, paved) and Fortín La Soledad (along Provincial Route 32, dirt road).


A bus company connects Formosa capital city with Las Lomitas. 


Tours operators organise tours departing from Formosa capital city or Resistencia (Chaco). 

Where to stay

Las Lomitas offers several types of accommodation, besides a petrol station and restaurants. In Fortín La Soledad, community tourism offers guided tours where you can learn about the Pilagá village, with cultural talks and the possibility of staying with local residents.


There are camping sites along Provincial Route 28 and Fortín La Soledad.

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