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Lago Puelo National Park


Lago Puelo National Park is one of the few places in Argentina where you can see the Valdivian jungle, so characteristic of Chile. Its incredible landscapes of mountains and forests are irresistible for lovers of hiking, kayaking and bird watching.

You can visit all year round. To walk, the best time is from October to April.

What to see
Lago Puelo

Just 4 km from the town of Lago Puelo, this protected area owes its name to its main body of water: Lake Puelo. Surrounded by pure pitra and cypress forests, it can be navigated on guided excursions with touring or lake kayaks, and on horseback along its coast and fording rivers and streams. Very close to the lake, there are picnic areas with fire pits for daytime use. At the northern head of Lake Puelo, “La Playita” is one of the few sandy beaches in the region.

Trekking trails

The best way to get to know the park is on foot. There are several trails of different levels of difficulty and duration to choose from: among the shortest and easiest are the Pitranto Grande, immersed in a forest of pitras and myrtles (1 km, 1 hour and a half round trip), and El Chucao, which tours the foothills of the Currumahuida hill (1.5 km, 1 hour and a half round trip). The path to the lake viewpoint is a little more demanding (900 meters with some elevation gain, 2 hours round trip), although it is ideal for visiting with the family. The circuits El Faldeo, Huella Andina, El Turbio and the Los Hitos trail are the longest in the park.

Puelo Lake (town), Azul River and Motoco Valley

In the surroundings, the town of Lago Puelo is just 4 km from the national park and has accommodation of different categories, gastronomic and cultural proposals and all the services.

Another nearby attraction is the Azul River, which flows into the northern bank of Lake Puelo. From the walkway over the river, 2 km from the town, several trails lead to the Cárdenas waterfall (15 min), the Blanco River viewpoint (40 min) and the Motoco refuge (8 hours), within the Protected Natural Area Río Azul - Lago Escondido (ANPRALE), which has capacity for 40 people, a camping area and food service.

How to get there and move around

From the town of Lago Puelo, it is 4 km to the entrance to the park. If you come from El Bolsón (in the province of Río Negro), it is 17 km of asphalt along provincial route 16 until the entrance. From Esquel (in the province of Chubut), it is 166 km along national route 40.

The town of Lago Puelo receives buses from Bariloche and Esquel daily. From there it is possible to get there by bus, taxi, shuttle or excursions.

Where to stay

In the park there are three free camping areas, without services, which can only be reached by boat or walking. The greatest offer and variety of accommodation is concentrated in the towns of El Bolsón and Lago Puelo. There are also accommodations in nearby towns such as El Hoyo or Epuyén, and rural accommodation and campsites throughout the area.

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