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Punta Indio, Magdalena and Coastline of La Plata River

Buenos Aires

A rarely visited region of the province of Buenos Aires that offers river shore, bird-watching and wildlife observation in nature reserves and wild sites, ideal for activities in contact with nature and absolute quietness.

Open to visitors all year round. For migratory shorebird-watching, go from December to March. There is usually a higher concentration of common terns in March.

What to see
Parque Costero del Sur Biosphere Reserve

Very close to Punta Indio, at the Parque Costero del Sur Biosphere Reserve, you can enjoy walks along the trails and horse-riding, take a bike ride, go on photographic safaris and visit country estates. Another interesting place to visit is the monument to the Argentine flag butterfly and the viewpoint with a wide view of the park. You can enjoy the beaches of Punta Indio on the La Plata River.

El Destino Private Nature Reserve

Near Magdalena and on the banks of the La Plata River, this reserve is part of the Parque Costero del Sur. It invites you to explore the trails and gardens of the estate, bird-watch, and go horse riding in the countryside or practise sport fishing. It has a museum with great historical value. The reserve protects approximately 40 species of mammals and more than 200 species of birds (it is an IBA site).

How to get there and move around

Through Provincial Route 11, you can access most of the towns of the Buenos Aires coast. It is 36 km away from Magdalena, 84 from La Plata and 154 from Buenos Aires (all paved). The last sections to enter the reserves are dirt roads, so it is convenient to check their condition in advance.

Where to stay

Near the Parque Costero del Sur there are camping sites, cabins and estates, and several gastronomic options in Punta Indio.


In El Destino reserve, you can spend the night in an old English-style shed with dorms or in a camping site. The place also has a grocery store and guide service for horse riding.

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