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Calilegua National Park


One of the best places to discover the yungas and home to over 300 species of birds and endangered animals.

With the amazing turquoise pools and warm waters of the Jordán hot springs, and the enchanting villages, the tour will be delightful.

The best time to visit is from May to November. Access to Calilegua National Park is free-of-charge.

What to see
A road to the heart of Yungas

Provincial Route 83 (scenic route of the Yungas) goes through the Calilegua National Park and is an attraction in itself, with the impressive views along the way.

This is a great destination for ecotourism and bird watching; here you will find many species that cannot be found anywhere else in Argentina, such as the red-faced Guan, the slender-tailed Woodstar and the Amazonian Motmot.

Amid mountains and steep valleys, the road connecting San Francisco and Libertador General San Martín goes up across the forest and jungle vegetation, and the montane grasslands forming the Yungas.


Aguas Negras and Mesada de las Colmenas 

Located some12 km away from Libertador General San Martín, Aguas Negras is one of the service areas inside the park, and the starting point of some trails of varying duration and level of difficulty (check accessibility and notify forest rangers before taking any trail).

The park may be visited during daytime; however, it is ideal to camp in Aguas Negras to enjoy the walks on the trails and the surroundings at one’s own pace. “El Negrito”, a 3-hour trail, begins in Mesada de las Colmenas, 12 km away from Aguas Negras. It is key to go with a guide.


How to get there and move around

The Calilegua National Park is 115 km away from San Salvador de Jujuy along National Route 34, and 170 km away from Salta city, along National Routes 9 and 34. 

Libertador General San Martín and the town of Calilegua are the closest urban centres. You can arrive by bus and then take a taxi or a private car to Aguas Negras. 

There are two inter-urban buses between Libertador General San Martín and San Francisco.

Where to stay

There is a rural camping site in Aguas Negras. There is no grocery store or drinking water.    

San Francisco offers hostels and rural camping sites. Libertador General San Martín and Calilegua also have some lodging and cuisine options.

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