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El Rey National Park


This is one of nature’s best kept secrets in Argentina. A place to unveil the magical north-western region: the Yunga forest. You can camp, see the fauna, watch the birds or go trekking.


The ideal time is April to November during the dry season. From December to March, access through Provincial Route 20 is impassable due to the rainfalls. Free-of-charge.

What to see
Flora and fauna

Jungle mountains, hills, rivers, streams, and clouds that every now and then cover the place, creating a very special landscape and an ideal setting to watch the fauna, particularly birds. The iconic species in the area are red-legged seriemas, very big and striking, which tend to come close to camping sites. It is also one of the best places in the country to watch wild tapirs.


The park is located in the land of an old estate and has an operating hub from where to start walking or taking road trips, including Santa Elena field and Los Lobitos cascade; Popayán River, with many fords and a tour through Chaco forest; and Pozo Verde, Chorro de los Loros and Los Patitos Lagoon, ideal for water bird watching.

How to get there and move around

From Salta capital city (197 km away) and San Miguel de Tucumán (387 km away) along National Route 9 to Lumbrera. From there, through Provincial Route 5 to Paso de la Cruz (48 km away from the park, to the bus point of arrival) and one last rubble road on Provincial Route 20, with several river crossings, up to the park’s entrance. The last service station from Salta capital city is located at the road crossing in the direction of Güemes and Metán.

From December to March, access through Provincial Route 20 is impassable due to the rainfall season.

Where to stay

The park offers a camping sector, but has no grocery store. In Las Lajitas, on Provincial Route 20, there is an ecovillage with rooms and a camping site. In Metán, 36 km away from Lumbrera, there are hotels, restaurants and supermarkets.

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