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Corazón de la Isla Provincial Reserve

Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur

This place is the greatest natural reserve in the province preserving magnificent landscapes with lakes, forests, ecotonean area of transition between forest and steppe—and peatlands—typical wetlands in Patagonia. This is the perfect spot to enjoy nature to its fullest, go hiking, camping, birdwatching, and sport fishing. 

You can visit the reserve all year round. The best time is from October to April. Check the activities available each season.

What to see
Trekking between lakes

The main attractions include Yehuin, Yakush and Chepelmut lakes, with wonderful views and the opportunity to go trekking along little-explored trails. 

In Yehuin Lake, you will find 2 camping areas that can be reached by vehicle. One is located in the area of the former hostel, and the other is close to the cove.

There are 2 short-distance trails with signs which can be explored without a guide: the interpretation trail and one that ends at the Yakush Lake, which offers a campsite with campfires and allows you to keep exploring the shores of the lake.

In the park, there are 2 other camping areas and other trails within the reserve that are not marked so you should be accompanied by a professional mountain guide.

You may also enjoy horse riding in one or more days, with camping included.


This is a great destination to watch typical birds from the Sub-antarctic forests and steppe, such as condors, geese, Magellanic woodpeckers, black-chested buzzard-eagles and Austral parakeets, among other species.

How to get there and move around

From Tolhuin, take National Route 3 for 12 km north, and then go along Provincial Route 18 (former H, gravel road) for 18 km west, up to the park ranger station, where you will need to register. You can get there by car or go on a day excursion previously arranged in Tolhuin or Ushuaia. 

Where to stay

In Tolhuin, you may stay in hostels, inns, bed & breakfasts, campsites, and cottage complexes. 

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