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San Pablo Cape

Tierra del Fuego, Antártida e Islas del Atlántico Sur

Located 80 km from Tolhuin or 120 km from Río Grande, San Pablo Cape is an inhospitable region surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Visited by all-times explorers, this place cherishes many myths and legends. 

You can visit the cape all year round. Check the activities available each season.

What to see
Beauty in the wild

To get there, take secondary route A, which meanders around picturesque farms and provides wonderful landscapes of hills, steppe, lengas forests, rivers, and cliffs by the sea.

Generally, you can spot guanacos, wolves and condors. There is a trail that climbs up the hill until the top of the cape, where you will find viewpoints with unforgettable sights and benches to simply sit and indulge yourself with nature.

The lighthouse and the castaway

Above on the cape, there is a tilted lighthouse; facing the shore, you will witness the hull of a ship called “Desdémona” which has been wrecked there since 1985 as an icon of the ancient wrecks and adventures which took place in the rough Austral waters.

How to get there and move around

From Tolhuin, in the south, drive 80 km (35 km on National Route 3, a paved road, and 45 km on secondary road A, a gravel road in good conditions). From Río Grande, in the north, travel 120 km in total (75 km and 45 km on the above-mentioned routes). 

Where to stay

Both Tolhuin and Río Grande offer accommodations of different styles and categories. On route A, you will encounter ranches that provide services and accommodation. On the beach at the south of the cape, there are also 2 campsites with utility services. 

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